Dr. Susan Malmquist

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Services For Families 
Detailed Independent Education Evaluations. Assessment of learning, language, social and emotional functioning, adaptive behavior, social problem solving, and analytical reasoning.
Comprehensive design of educational programs, with advanced applications.

On-going progress monitoring of academic skills to facilitate responsive treatment
planning and decision making to improve learning outcomes, regardless of developmental level or entering skill repertoire.

Educational program review to help coordinate and update services.

Parent workshops, training, and consultation.

Transition planning, post-secondary education, and job skills.

Family advocacy and effective multi-disciplinary team building.

In most cases, services begin with a 60 minute Intake Session with Dr. Malmquist during which a recommended sequence of appointments and/or meetings will be outlined.  The Intake Session also includes time that is set aside to go over questions and to discuss fees and billing procedures. A current Fee Schedule is sent to each family prior to the Intake Session, which is scheduled either via email or by phone, subject to availability. 

Please contact Dr. Malmquist to schedule an Intake Session or for more information regarding scheduling, services, billing, and fees.


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