Dr. Susan Malmquist

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Services for Schools

Services For Schools & Agencies

Staff training, coaching, and program supervision available. Sample topics include:

IEP training and support.
     The art of setting ambitious, yet attainable goals.
          Elements of a measurable, defensible IEP goal.
                 Concepts & Principles of learning. 
                     Data-based decision making that works for both schools and families.
and...Tech Kids! Apps and software that support learning.

Special Education program review available for school districts, with detailed analysis offered to assist in planning.

Special Topics. Workshops offered for preschool, elementary & secondary programs with a focus on:
  • Curriculum ~ textbook adoption, program modifications, support.
  • Instruction ~ Effective teaching techniques, cooperative learning strategies, study skills, managing diverse skill levels, schedule planning, successful error correction, analytical reasoning, problem solving & inquiry-based learning.
  • Positive Behavior Support ~ Classroom management, Response to Intervention (RtI) support.
  • Social Skills ~ Friendships, Bullying.
  • Assessment ~ Linking evaluation and instruction in meaningful ways.

Contact Dr. Malmquist for more information regarding services, scheduling and fees.

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